song obsessions of the week

Mad Soul Child – Dear

Couldn’t find much about this 1st band [in English] except a few clips here and there and their Myspace page.

I think that the lead singer’s voice is amazing and the music is haunting, but with that break in the middle lifting you up and carrying you to the end of the piece.

Cat’s Eyes

I’ve also had Cat’s Eyes’ self-titled album playing non-stop these past few days. The duo’s dreamy 60’s style pop has me hooked, plus Rachel Zeffira’s voice is amazing. The other half of this duo is Faris Badwan, better known as the lead singer of The Horrors. The music might initially seem so different from what his other band is known for, especially when comparing it to the album Strange House, but when you listen more closely to The Horrors’ 2009 album Primary Colours, you can hear similar aspects in both Cat’s Eyes and The Horrors songs.

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