san diego blackout

Soon after the power went out (around 3:39PM PST) I was able to contact a few friends before my cellphone reception dropped me. Met up with Rachel and bicycled around town documenting our ride and the people in our neighborhood.

Ran into friends I hadn’t seen in years, got free desserts from Heaven Sent Desserts, heard random street musicians playing for ice cream chewing patrons, saw an awesome sunset, had ice at a candle lit bar, drove to downtown, ran into Assaulty and her roommate Lukas, took random photos near a dead mermaid’s vagina, drank some beers, snuck into a pool, refused to acknowledge defunct stop lights, pretended to be in grand theft auto, ate tomato pasta sauce rice and beans and finally called it a night, and boy was it a good night.

Almost forgot to mention the stars. So many stars.

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