San Antonio to Taipei

Where to begin.

Too nervous and excited to sleep, only got about 2 hours before I had to get up at 4:30am to leave to the airport by 5.

Flight #1: San Antonio to Phoenix

Flight #2: Phoenix to Los Angeles

Flight #3: Los Angeles to Narita

Flight #4: Narita to Taipei

That’s how many times I had to change planes and run through airport terminals so that I wouldn’t miss any part of my flights.

Total travel time: 24.5hrs, not counting the time before my 1st flight nor the time after I landed in Taipei and had to wait for my backpack.

Now for the pretty (and depressing). 

Los Angeles
Nearing Japan
Off the coast of Japan
Waiting for the last flight, watching the sunset in Narita
They bused us to a different terminal
Plane to Taiwan
Loaded with 2 backpacks and a duffel bag.

By the time I arrived at the airport in Taiwan I’d been out and about for over 26 hours and still had another hour and a half to go until I reached my hostel. I took a bus from the airport to the main train station in the center of the city and then walked a few blocks until I reached my hostel.

In the end I stayed up a total of 32 hours with a short half hour nap on the last flight and a pretend nap at the end of the flight from LA to Japan.


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