A few new people.

It’s been a crazy few weeks, with me starting a new job, the rainy cold weather, new food, and new acquaintances, but it’s been a fun crazy few weeks!


To recap: I’ve been staying at a hostel while I figure out my living situation and I’ve met quite a few teachers here as well as a lot of travelers (obviously). Most of the people who seem to be traveling through Taiwan at the moment are Japanese and Koreans with a few Germans mixed in. I’ve only met two Americans at the hostel during my stay here and I’m not complaining, actually they seem to be the ones doing all of the complaining (about the people, the weather, the food…).

I also decided to do a bit of couchsurfing to meet locals and check out different neighborhoods. I’ve stayed in 3 very different places with very different people. I’ve stayed with a medical student finishing up her studies who gave me tour of some awesome places, a Canadian “young urban professional” who shared a lot of information on how to get around in the city, and an engineer who’s non-English speaking dad had me drinking whiskey with him on my first night.



Beef noodles!
Noodles and rice dishes. The one on the left has pork fat and meat (so good!)
Reminded me of ramen.
Home cooked meal!
Taiwanese whiskey? Delicious!



Through all of them I’ve learned so much and I hope that I can share what they’ve taught me to anyone who comes and visits! I’m going to make a great fake tour guide.
I’ve tried lots of street food, local dishes, and even some home cooked food. They’ve taken me to some places with amazing views, cool sights, and even gotten lost once or twice (hey it happens).


Looking upon Taipei. Tall building in the distance on the left is Taipei 101 (tallest skyscraper in the world until 2010)

I’ve also met a lot of other really cool people just walking around the city. The most random meeting I’ve had so far is being called out to near an alley by a couple of young Mexican students who are in Taipei in an exchange program. They were just calling out to all of the foreigners passing by and inviting them to hang out on the bench they were sitting on. When I got there they’d gathered another Polish student and an English teacher from the States. They were hilarious and invited me to meet some other students but I declined since I had other things to do. Perhaps I’ll meet them again hollering out to other foreigners to come and join them on their tiny bench.

Hot springs up in the mountains.

And last but not least, I might have a thing for taking photos of people taking photos.



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