Coffee Run

I think I found my new favorite place for American style food, or at least the best grilled cheese sandwiches. I’m so hopped up on caffeine right now; I’ve had a cup of coffee from 85degrees, an Americano from Louisa Coffee, and now a double espresso from Wayne’s Cafe.


I’ve been going to a different coffee shop every day, and I haven’t had any “bad” coffee. Most has been the most delicious I’ve had in a really really really long time! The only time I was kind of disappointed was when I ordered a coffee black and they gave it to me with some milk already mixed in, but that might have been my fault when I was trying to ask for it with my broken Chinese. By broken Chinese I mean I spoke mainly English and said “hello” and “thank you” in Chinese.

Example dialogues I have at coffee shops:

A: Ni hao.
X: Ni hao.
A: Americano?
X: Americano. (nod)
A: (nod) xie xie. Small (make signs for small cup)
X: (says something I don’t understand)
A: (blink a lot) Black?
X: (nods)
A: (look at register to know how much it is/already know how much it is from the menu/look at employee to see him sign the amount to me on his fingers/they tell me in English the amount due) (hand over money) Xie xie.
X: Xie xie.


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