Apparently there’s such a thing as walking too much.

This experience lead me to the NTUH (National Taiwan University Hospital). I haven’t even been here a week and I’m already hurt. Accompanied by a friend I made at the hostel we tried to figure out the labyrinth that is the old hospital and into the emergency room of the new part of the hospital (across the street).

I don’t think we would have been able to manage this without the help of an American (?) lady who’s been living here for over 30 years who lead us toward the right hallway and down into the basement exit and the volunteer workers who literally lead us from one place to another. From the entrance of the hospital to the right receptionist to the right nurse to the right x-ray door to the right pharmacist.

All of the people who helped us out were the nicest people EVER. Some could speak a bit of English, others just lead us with smiles. After I got an x-ray done of my left foot, the doctor told me that nothing was fractured but that I did have a sprained foot. I didn’t even know that was a thing until I “googleized” it. It causes the side and bottom of the foot to swell and bruise and is very painful to walk on. It can also lead to tearing of ligaments if it’s very serious, so the doctor made a follow up appointment for me, just in case it doesn’t improve.

Since I haven’t received my national insurance card yet I had to pay full price for the emergency visit, which turned out to be less than $100, including the consultation, pain meds, x-rays, copy of the visit so I can get reimbursed, and I don’t know what else. I also got seen and dismissed in less than an hour. If I ever had to go to the emergency room for something very serious (knock on wood I never have to) I’m sure they would have me in and out of there before I knew what was happening.

View stupid long run that I’m 99.99% sure caused this in a larger map

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