Adventures with Angela – Part 1

For some reason, young people in Taipei seem to really like the Amish, 90’s-mom look.

Angela and I went to a market in one of the squares near Gongguan and we found some pretty cool stuff. A lot of the clothes that were on sale ranged from 50NT (roughly $1.66 USD) to 1400NT ($46USD), with denim jackets being in the latter group. It reminded me of a swap-meet but with young people just spring cleaning their closets. They had boxes and suitcases full of clothes, sitting on the ground with a group of friends, inviting people to come and check out their clothes, accessories, shoes.

A few vendors were selling new or upcycled clothing, some of which was pretty interesting but I was more interested in checking out what the university aged vendors were selling.




My favorite purchase of the day: IMG_20140324_002559


After the vendors started packing up we went on a walk along the river side and decided to go for some Japanese food in Xinyi. IMAG8008




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