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A few weeks ago I decided to go to the Taipei Botanical Garden. It was a beautiful, although slightly chilly, day and I got to enjoy the great weather with all of the old retired people walking around the garden with me.


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I had plenty of time to check out the sights so I wandered aimlessly, walking the outskirts of the garden and finishing up by checking out the middle of the garden. I ended up spending 2 good solid hours walking around the 15 hectares (~37 acres!).

The garden is divided into 17 different areas depending on the flora, and has 9 ponds with different plant habitats. There area also quite a few glasshouses where plants with different water and humidity needs were kept.

I must have gone too soon in the season because I didn’t really see many flowers, the ones I did see were very few and tiny…

I have had this house plant! I had no idea the leaves could grow this huge! They must give the plants steroids here.IMAG6915_p  IMAG6916_p

What I did not see:Botanical Gardens Foxy Who

Now back to my photos:IMAG6917_p

There were lots of bridges that allowed you to walk right into the different areas, this one held a lot of different pines and trees. What drew me too this area was actually the smell. As I walked near it smelled like delicious bubble gum!IMAG6920_p The botanical garden is surrounded on 2 sides by apartments, but you can see the plants doing their thang and enjoying all of the sunlight available.IMAG6924_p
IMAG6932_p IMAG6934_p Scarecrow looking quite fashionable:IMAG6935_p  IMAG6937_p  IMAG6939_p  IMAG6941_p

More ridiculously large leaves, sorry I didn’t have a banana for scale:IMAG6945_p
The most vibrant flowers I’ve seen. The colors in this photo are so muted compared to the rich color in real life.IMAG6950_p  IMAG6975_p  IMAG6985_p A few rules to follow. Don’t feed birds chiclets. Don’t take your potted plants for a walk. Don’t clap for the turtles. No juggling. No feeling emo.IMAG6986_p Even the bathroom was surrounded by plants.IMAG6987_p I saw so many cats enjoying the sunlight and grass, just relaxing and owning the place. IMAG6919_p IMAG6925_p My favorite of the bunch!IMAG6947_p


I definitely have to go back when the weather is nice again. I feel that I went on a strange “off” day and will get to experience the plants in all of their glory later in the year.


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  1. Wow!!!!!Alda que bonito esta ese parque botanico. Me imagino la Bella experiencia de mirar personalmente ese precioso lugar. Que bueno que tu tienes la oportunidad de visitarlo te felicito mi hija por transportarnos por medio de fotografias a esa ciudad como es Taipei.

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