Around Taiwan – Yehliu Geopark

The day after we all went to the baseball game, we went to Yehliu Geopark which is located about 20-25 miles/a little bit less than a mile  from Taipei to the Northeast.yehliugeopark16
The day was bright and sunny and everyone was enjoying this change in weather. The language I heard spoken around me the most was Korean. Whenever you see the giant tour buses it’s always Chinese tourists or Koreans. yehliugeopark3

The rock formations had unique names like Dragon’s Head, Gorilla Rock, Ice Cream Rock, Peanut Rock, etc. My favorite names and rocks were BBQ Drumstick, Tofu, and Gorilla Head. You can check out the rock formations in better detail here: Yehliu Geopark Landscapeyehliugeopark4

The most famous of these formations is Queen’s Head. There was a large group of ajummas (Korean middle aged women) whom I helped take a group photo of after each and every one of them had an individual photo taken. Then it was my turn.

In the background of my photo you can see them in the background. My favorite part of the photo. Ha!


We walked around the park enjoying the views from higher ground. Oh so many stairs. Why oh why.

After checking out the natural formations we went to check out some of the nearby seafood markets and I saw them prepare a type of fish jerky where they dry and flatten the fish and then flavor it. I tried some sweet, wasabi, chili, and soybean flavored fish jerky. The chili one reminded me most of dry chili mango from back home, from the texture to the color to the taste of the chili, even the fish tasted a bit sweet at the beginning. Am I missing home or is it really that similar? I’ll have to buy some more and send it back home so that you guys can decide.
I wish I’d taken a picture of it… but I ate it all! It was delicious!
yehliugeopark14 yehliugeopark15
Finally ready to go back home! We were parked below a temple, and took a short detour to check it out. It was beautiful, like many temples I’ve come across, with bright reds and golds, incense slowly burning, lions guarding the entrance…
yehliugeopark17 yehliugeopark18 yehliugeopark19yehliugeopark1
This was the first time I’d been anywhere near the coast since I’d arrived and to be so close to an ocean, the sight and the smell of salt water was fabulous! I didn’t realize how much I’d missed that until I got my first glimpse from the car and a giant smile formed on my face. There are a few things that I thought I hadn’t taken for granted but now I know I have: sunshine and the sea. I hope to enjoy you both very soon!

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