Around Taiwan – Taroko

Sunday started off with breakfast at a place called Shark Bites Toast. I’ve seen a few around Taiwan and I was curious about what kind of “toast” they would have. The menu was interesting, kind of like an aaaalmost American style brunch place but a few items were just a bit strange, or the combination was slighly off. One pretty cool drink that they had involved fresh cotton candy made to order!hualien_day2_11
“Waffle with tuna and vegetable”. See what I mean?hualien_day2_10detailhualien_day2_10
I had the french toast with bratwurst, potatoes, and a small salad. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that what I thought was maple syrup was actually delicious honey.hualien_day2_12
After breakfast we rode the scooter back to Zoe’s parent’s house and picked them up, along with their dog Cooper, to go to Taroko National Park.hualien_day2_13hualien_day2_14
I should make a post about what I’ve seen people transport on a scooter. You’d be quite surprised. I think it’s the same cat mentality as “if I fit, I sit”.hualien_day2_15 hualien_day2_1
Gas station castle.hualien_day2_2hualien_day2_16 hualien_day2_3Snack time at Taroko National Park: lychees and pickled tiny plums(?) and tea.
hualien_day2_4hualien_day2_7 hualien_day2_6 hualien_day2_5After the snack and a short movie about the park we headed through a tunnel and to a short trail near one of the bridges: Shakadang Bridge and Trail.hualien_day2_8We only walked on the trail for about 3 kilometers round trip. We stopped near the end, hopped a fence and joined a lot of other people hanging out in and around the river’s edge. The water was nice and cool and we relaxed for a while there just skipping stones and trying to catch the tiny fish swimming around our legs. One got curious enough and gave me a small nibble on my toe!
hualien_day2_18 hualien_day2_19Each of the lions were unique.
hualien_day2_20My favorite of the statues:hualien_day2_27
Copper had a ball that he contributed to this photo. hualien_day2_17
Viewing the beginning of the trail from above the bridge.
The bridge from the trailhualien_day2_26hualien_day2_22hualien_day2_24 hualien_day2_25hualien_day2_21
Zoe and her mom.hualien_day2_23
Soon it was time to head back to grab lunch.

I do wish we’d spent more time at the park, or maybe even a few days! It’s huge and beautiful with many different trails and hikes. The video we watched at the information center really piqued my interest and I hope to go back sometime soon and really explore it.

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