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Lost a phone, gained a piercing

Went to watch Interstellar at 10am (the only time I was able to watch it considering it’s a 3 hour movie and I work in the afternoons/evening), decided to be a conscientious movie watcher, as well as saving battery life, so I turned OFF my phone, set it beside my seat… why was I too lazy to lean down and put it inside of my backpack I’ll never know.

3 hours later, my friend and I left the theater and it wasn’t until I’d walked halfway toward the exit that I realized I didn’t have my phone on my person. I flashed back to putting it next to my leg on my seat and ran back. There were still a few people idling around and they helped me search after confirming that they hadn’t found my cellphone.

Luck wasn’t on my side and I went to search for my friend. We left our information with the manager and went to grab some lunch. We stopped by a small shop in the alley I NEVER would have imagined existed, nor that it would be packed with people (I feel as if I shouldn’t be surprised so often by such places since there are so many such places, but they always take me by surprise), ate a delicious lunch and wandered around Ximen looking at things and dawdling our way before I had to go to work.

I’d told myself that next time I was in the area I would like to get my nose pierced so as we were passing a piercing shop we inquired about the price and a few minutes later I was sitting on a small black stool and less than a minute after that I had a new hole in my nose.

I was actually quite surprised at the process. I hadn’t really thought about how they would do it… I figured they would use a needle and slide the jewelry in after it, as they’d done for my septum, but nope. They told me to breathe in and before I’d even managed to grab a full gulp of air, they pushed down through my nostril’s cartilage and voilà, I had a new piercing. Done.

piercing_1 piercing_2 piercing_3

We tried calling my phone all day long, and I continued to search for it using google’s device manager and by calling it from home, but it seems to have been lost forever. [cry cry cry]

That phone still had so many more years going for it! Ugh.

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