Taipei MRT

One year later…

It’s been a year and 15 days since I arrived in Taiwan and I’m still here!

When I first decided that I would like to live in a foreign country for at least one year I thought that a single year may end up being enough time spent in one single place. I thought that I would be ready to continue traveling or to go back to the states at the end of the year; but, much to my surprise, a year has already flown by and I feel as if I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of this country. The longer I stay, the more I find that there is left to see, do, taste, explore, and learn.

Comparing my post “One month later…” to one year, let’s see a few of the numbers:

  • Friends from the States that have come to Taiwan: 3 to visit me, and 2 more who were traveling by. the shay shays
  • Photos taken: way too many to even try counting… how about GB… still too many.
  • Photos uploaded to Instagram: 550+
  • Music shows attended: I stopped counting sometime in August. Far too too many.
  • Music festivals attended: 5+
  • Movies seen at a movie theatre: 10+
  • Mopeds driven: 2
  • Trains ridden: 8-East Coast, 8-West Coast
  • Biggest distance traveled in a single trip: 470km+ to the southernmost tip of Taiwan
  • Highest peak: 3,275m Hehuanshan
  • Family from the States that have made it to Taiwan: 2 [aunt and mom]. family eastcoast
  • Phones lost: 1
  • Umbrellas lost: 4
  • Umbrellas broken: 2
  • Library books checked out: 25+ [so few :/]
  • Cafes explored: 20+
  • Starbucks coffees consumed: 6
  • Picnics had: 4 IMAG2994
  • Burritos devoured: 6 [only… incredible]
  • Mexican food places visited: 3.5 [one place was always closed when I tried to go]
  • Night markets visited: 10+
  • Museums visited: 8+
  • Potted plants resting in peace: 2
  • Botanical gardens explored: 1
  • Korean restaurants eaten at: 6
  • McDonald’s pancakes eaten: 6
  • Jars of peanut butter finished: 2 Costco jars, 4 Skippy jars, 1 generic brand [no bueno]
  • Bottles of Tapatio chugged: 6
  • Hospital visits: 5
  • Hot springs sweated in: 2, one of them multiple times
  • Posts posted: 37 with this one
  • Posts still in “draft” form: 8
  • Skateparks fallen at: 3
  • Couches surfed: 8
  • Haircuts: 1.5 [bangs]
  • Cats sneezed on: 4
  • Tattoos made permanent: 3 photo by Zoe


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