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Taipei Zoo x Pow Wow Taiwan

I don’t remember how I ended up finding out about Pow Wow Taiwan, but I was really excited to see their pieces as I traveled around the city on foot, by bus, train, or bike. To see the pieces online through social media sites was pretty nice, but to see them up close was even better.

Their sheer size and the attention to detail is amazing and to also see how the pieces have changed due to weather, pollution, and other graffiti is also a treat. Murals and paintings that are set out in the elements with the knowledge that they will decay and morph in time.

Hawaii: Woeswpid-2015-03-15-10.32.39-1.jpg.jpeg

Honk Kong duo: Graphic Airlineswpid-2015-03-15-10.32.31-1.jpg.jpeg

USA/Taiwan: James Jeanwpid-2015-03-15-10.31.24-1.jpg.jpeg

POW! WOW! Taiwan 2014 from POW! WOW! Taiwan on Vimeo.

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