Only Skin Deep.

Some people imagine large crowds naked, or perhaps in underwear if their thoughts are of a more modest sense. Do they do it as a form of mental self-defense; putting other people in situations they themselves would find mortifying, but, unintentionally get slight gratification from subjugating others into said situations?
I digress. Check this out in stream of consciousness regurgitation following a flash of thought.
Imagine the person next to you and the one in the mirror. Imagine your brother or daughter. Look at them closely: admire their head curvature, the imagined bumpy skull underneath that shiny hair. Look at the way their eyelids slide around the eyeball settled in its nice eye-socket bed. Look at where the crinkled lines on the edges of the lateral canthus wriggle to when smiling and frowning. Now follow those lines and look down toward that soft fuzzy haired nose. The flare to the nostrils. Look at that chin wobble. Admire the sharp yet doughy lines leading the jaw up to the ears.
Now remove that flap of skin and cartilage, check out those cheekbones. See how white those eyeballs truly are. There’s no mess, no gore, just a couple of nicely cleaned skulls walking around, gnawing away on their phones, glancing at their watches, speeding by past you.
Image borrowed from http://witandwhistle.com/

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