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Around Taiwan Road Trip – Day 2

The next day our morning began relatively early. We packed up and set out around 7am to beat the large crowds at a certain photo spot near by.

We arrived and there were people already walking up and down this long straight road that ran between a few fields. Zoe showed me the commercial where a famous actor/musician(?) had ridden a bicycle in the same place and since then, this place we were currently in had become a tourist attraction. We took a few photos and went on our way, taking the long road back to the highway that continued south.


Another detour took us to a hot air balloon location. The weather and the season weren’t right to check out any hot air balloon action, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the other attractions the place had to offer, like sliding down a huge hill on a little tractor car. We grabbed some coffee to warm our frozen fingers and watched the people coming and going for a while.

Photo Credit: Zoe Chen
Photo Credit: Zoe Chen


Photo Credit: Zoe Chen
Photo Credit: Zoe Chen

IMAG4629 IMAG4635 IMAG4663

What was great about the trip was apparent from the beginning. We had a goal in mind, but how we got there and when was up in the air. Wanna go here? Sure. There? Why not. Let’s check out those crazy fireworks. Sounds cool! Wanna have cold pizza for breakfast? But of course.

As we drove down the coast we saw some large sandy dunes in the distance and noticed people riding quads. A few minutes later we’d parked our car, clambered on top of 2 quads and off we were following a kid who couldn’t have been older than 13-14 as he gave us the tour and showed off his quad handling skills. Another kid, who looked around 10-11, ran up behind him, scrambled up the bike and proceeded to bum a cigarette. We were the only 2 people with them, but we ran into a few other tourist groups waiting on hills and riding slowly through the flats. Us? We went as fast as we could and went up and down so many hills I thought I was going to die a few times. I would definitely do it again!

IMAG4676 IMAG4687 IMAG4688 IMAG4690 IMAG4719 IMAG4720 IMAG4731

We had a few more stops, one in a small town as we descended a long windy mountain road that kissed the coast and another in the foothills of some farmland known for all of its hot springs. We settled on a camp ground that evening and watched the sunset on a small beach that was right across the street. Finished off the rest of the pizza we’d been eating for all of our meals and gave the pizza bones to a three legged dog walking the beach alone. IMAG4744 IMAG4745 IMAG4768

I wondered what we would do in Kenting the next day, but I knew it would be awesome no matter what.

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