Around Taiwan Road Trip – Day 3


Our third day began with some warm sunny weather (for once on the trip). We grabbed some breakfast by the coast and decided to hit up the small sandy beach in front of where we were eating. There were a few people hanging around but it seemed that no one wanted to go into the water. We also saw a few inflatable tubes and rafts on the beach ready to take people out by pulling them along on a jet-ski so we grabbed some money, beer, sunblock, and waited for our turn to play. roadtrip_day3_01 roadtrip_day3_03 roadtrip_day3_04 roadtrip_day3_05 roadtrip_day3_10 roadtrip_day3_09 roadtrip_day3_11

We ended up playing until our muscles couldn’t take it anymore. Literally. Our arms, hands, fingers were shaking uncontrollably with the sheer force exerted to stay afloat on the rafts and not flung god knows how crushingly hard onto the waves at high speed. I think because we stuck it out, kept giving the thumbs up to increase the speed and the force, and just seemed to really be enjoying ourselves, the last ride was the best and worst. It was the most adrenaline fueled but also the most painful. After resting for a while and having our muscles twitch less constantly we wondered if we should ask for one more ride. In the end, with the sun slowly climbing toward the west, we decided to move on.

We continued the day by checking out the local lighthouse (southernmost lighthouse FYI), grabbing dinner to go, and just stopping randomly on the side of a small road leading north on the eastern border. We walked along a few goat trails to the edge of a grassy cliff, sat down, and enjoyed the beautiful view while the wind buffeted us jealous of our delicious meats and vegetables pinched on the end of our chopsticks.

roadtrip_day3_13 roadtrip_day3_15 roadtrip_day3_17 roadtrip_day3_16 roadtrip_day3_18

As the sun set (behind us), we reviewed our options for that night since we’d only intended on staying one night at the campsite and broken down our tent with the anticipation that we would camp somewhere else on our clockwise route back to Taipei. We went to a few places but ended up settling on another elementary school on our new northern route that seemed eerily abandoned until we ran into a family camping a few classrooms down from us.

roadtrip_day3_21roadtrip_day3_22 roadtrip_day3_23 roadtrip_day3_24

Goodnight South and hello West Coast!

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