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A Minor Accident

We had a minor scooter accident on Sunday where we got a bit of road rash on the right side of our bodies, nothing too major but we were advised to go to the hospital for insurance reasons apart from getting medical attention.

It being Sunday, a few of the hospitals were closed and only treating patients in immediate emergency situations, ours wasn’t life or death so we went to another near-by hospital that was open to get treatment.

Walking into the emergency area, you’re greeted by a receptionist who takes down your vitals, records your entrance in a giant log and signs you in to the system.


Afterward, you’re sent toward the adjacent open area to finish the paperwork, pay, and wait for your name to be called.wpid-2015-08-11-03.37.42-1.jpg.jpeg

Having been called, you’re taken to a semi-private room (2 beds) and attended by a doctor and nurse. Your wounds are treated and you’re sent to x-rays if there’s a possibility that anything may be fractured or broken.wpid-2015-08-11-03.37.45-1.jpg.jpeg

A few minutes later, the x-rays are in and the doctor checks them right on the computer. Everyone giggles when the hip xrays come in and you can see a little bit more than you were anticipating. The doctor moves the x-ray to block part of it and to stop the giggling.wpid-2015-08-11-03.37.43-1.jpg.jpeg

Back in the waiting room area, you wait to have your name called for any prescriptions, which can be picked up conveniently right next to the larger reception area. The vending machine and ATM caught my attention. Did you know that people here have an actual bank book where it can be fed into the ATM machine and you can use it to check your balance, take out money, and have it print right on the book your transaction and your balance? I asked why people don’t just do that with a card, I was told that this is how some (enough) people prefer to do their transactions. I guess if you have something big happen, like a hospital visit, you’ll want that in writing and official.wpid-2015-08-11-03.37.40-1.jpg.jpeg

The machine is on the left.wpid-2015-08-11-03.37.38-1.jpg.jpeg

Picking up the prescriptions from a lady who was just not having it. Quiet but quick.wpid-2015-08-11-03.37.37-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-08-11-03.37.36-1.jpg.jpeg

The end.

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