Dominique Guiot ‎– L’Univers De La Mer (1978)

This album makes me feel as if I’ve been immersed in some old Nintendo video game, trying to run away from some fast creature (track #2 specifically) or just jauntily exploring the deep ocean.

As this person put into a much more eloquently written piece:

The album, inspired by undersea exploration, skews a bit from the wide-eyed wonder of Jaques Cousteau scores, adding a sense of danger to the mellotron’s quaver and a medieval bent to some of the more pastoral passages. The record employs minimoog, clavinet, guitar, and organ alongside the seaside call of the mellotron, and while the damp inspiration remains in tact, the styles change as Guiot sees fit – winding through space-odyssey jazz and dense prog to tracks.
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