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Started off my evening with a cup of Nicaraguan pour over from Beauty Coffee. It’s literally a hole in the wall, one man operation. He roasts, packages, and serves everything himself from a tiny corner shop that’s open to the sidewalk.ximen-1 Continue reading »

Morning run and a picnic

Couldn’t sleep after waking up around 4am, so I decided to go for a short run/walk… that turned into a 3 hour run/walk.


Tamsui River

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First Full Day – Part 2


We took the red metro line from where it meets the blue line all the way to the end in the north. It took about an hour but the views were pretty awesome. The change in scenery was really nice, with the metro line coming above ground for the last half of the ride.

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First full day – Part 1

Trying to get used to the time difference. Not sure if not getting any real rest on the plane rides helped or hindered my jetlag.

The first thing I did when I landed was to head over to the information booth at the airport and grabbed myself a handy-dandy “free wi-fi service“. The government set up hotspots all over the country that you can use while traveling or near those buildings. It’s already helped me out while trying to find out information near the metro stations.

Once I checked in to my hostel I decided to look for some bars near the area. Apparently Taipei doesn’t really have a big “bar” scene, you can usually drink at a restaurant or just grab a couple of beers from your local supermarket or 7-11 and drink anywhere, streets included. I decided to go to a place near by that I’d researched while still in San Diego called “Revolver“. I wandered over there a bit past midnight and found myself in a pretty small bar with lots of foreigners. I was actually quite surprised, but I didn’t complain when I saw they had nachos on the menu. Continue reading »

San Antonio to Taipei

Where to begin.

Too nervous and excited to sleep, only got about 2 hours before I had to get up at 4:30am to leave to the airport by 5.

Flight #1: San Antonio to Phoenix

Flight #2: Phoenix to Los Angeles

Flight #3: Los Angeles to Narita

Flight #4: Narita to Taipei

That’s how many times I had to change planes and run through airport terminals so that I wouldn’t miss any part of my flights.

Total travel time: 24.5hrs, not counting the time before my 1st flight nor the time after I landed in Taipei and had to wait for my backpack.

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San Francisco


Amsterdam Cafe


San Francisco Bay


You can blow your h…