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Baseball in Taiwan

I got to go to a baseball game in Taoyuan at the Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium, about a 40 minute drive from Taipei, near the international airport!


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Adventures with Angela – Part 2

The small restaurant was on the corner of an alley with this crazy awesome view of Taipei 101. You can check out some more photos here.


The menu was handwritten and glued to some cardboard taken from a box of beer. We decided to grab a few items and ended up ordering so much that we were there for quite a while, taking a few breaks in between bites as we tried to finish all of the delicious food.

We started with wasabi octopus salad that was crazy hot, followed by grilled chicken skin glazed in a sweet sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds, baked fish, pork belly, some other part of the chicken on skewers, pork bento box, and finallly onigiri stuffed with fish.

There was a fridge stocked with beer and cold beverages that you could just grab yourself so we also had a Taipei Brewery Weissbier to wash everything down.

All in all it was a great day where we got a few cool things and tried delicious food that I still dream about.

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Adventures with Angela Part 1

For some reason, young people in Taipei seem to really like the Amish, 90′s-mom look.

Angela and I went to a market in one of the squares near Gongguan and we found some pretty cool stuff. A lot of the clothes that were on sale ranged from 50NT (roughly $1.66 USD) to 1400NT ($46USD), with denim jackets being in the latter group. It reminded me of a swap-meet but with young people just spring cleaning their closets. They had boxes and suitcases full of clothes, sitting on the ground with a group of friends, inviting people to come and check out their clothes, accessories, shoes.

A few vendors were selling new or upcycled clothing, some of which was pretty interesting but I was more interested in checking out what the university aged vendors were selling.



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One month later…

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First thoughts

I’ve been trying to update this post as I see new things or think about how different things are here compared to the US. Here are a few things I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that I find a bit strange… Continue reading »


It started off as a short trip with one of the Japanese girls from the hostel to get her last paycheck one day back in February, and it turned into an all day adventure that had us experiencing the new and hopefully unforgettable sights, sounds, and tastes of Shi-Yang.

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