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Coffee Run

I think I found my new favorite place for American style food, or at least the best grilled cheese sandwiches. I’m so hopped up on caffeine right now; I’ve had a cup of coffee from 85degrees, an Americano from Louisa Coffee, and now a double espresso from Wayne’s Cafe.


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Shilin Night Market with Kim

I met up with Kim in the early evening and we decided to hit up one of the night markets about half an hour away. She’s a local girl I met through CS who’s studying medicine at Taipei Medical University. Super smart and very cool.

With her as my guide I tried so many new foods. We started off with pig blood cake, which was delicious! Check out this post by another blogger to read all about it: My Inner Fatty: Taiwanese Pig’s Blood Cake. We followed this up with pepper pie, bubble tea, Taiwanese style “hot dog” aka “small sausage in big sausage” (a pork sausage inside of a rice sausage acting as the bun), watermelon juice, and coffin bread filled with chicken, lamb, pineapple, and a thin layer of chowder like sauce. The last thing I was able to fit into my stomach was a tiny pastry filled with mango ice cream. I really don’t know how I was able to finish it off, but it was so delicious! I don’t think I’ve tried anything so far that I haven’t enjoyed in some way or another (except the stinky tofu… but I think that’s an acquired taste).

Making pepper pie. They grab some dough and stuff it with meat and scallions

Making pepper pie. They grab some dough and stuff it with meat and scallions

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Started off my evening with a cup of Nicaraguan pour over from Beauty Coffee. It’s literally a hole in the wall, one man operation. He roasts, packages, and serves everything himself from a tiny corner shop that’s open to the sidewalk.ximen-1 Continue reading »

Morning run and a picnic

Couldn’t sleep after waking up around 4am, so I decided to go for a short run/walk… that turned into a 3 hour run/walk.


Tamsui River

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On the hunt for a cafe… and eventually getting lost.

After spending the whole day with Angela hopping on and off the metro, I figured I was ready to give it a go by myself to a new place I’d never been to before, with 2 transfers in the process. Having Google Maps in my pocket with a working GPS helps like no other, but relying on it too much is what eventually caused problems.
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First Full Day – Part 2


We took the red metro line from where it meets the blue line all the way to the end in the north. It took about an hour but the views were pretty awesome. The change in scenery was really nice, with the metro line coming above ground for the last half of the ride.

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