Something that still evades my understanding: 把

When I try to wrap my brain around it, my brain starts to feel loose, as if I’m in the process of forgetting or permanently mixing up the little amount of grammar I understand. If my brain had eyes, they would be crossed while trying to understand 把.

I’ve read books and online articles, watched YouTube videos, asked others IRL, asked online forums and communities, but it just-doesn’t-stick. I thought for a while that if I let it just simmer in my head for a while, I’d be able to ‘get it’, but nah. I think the weirdest approach has been looking up Mandarin grammar books written in Spanish to see if I would be better able to understand it with Spanish in mind versus English. And once again… nada.

I get the concept, it’s just I can’t seem to form my own ideas or sentences using 把. When I read or hear the example sentences, I think to myself ‘oh, yeah, of course’. Yet, when I try, I don’t seem to get very far. The hardest part is how they describe the character as “involving the action of disposal”. Perhaps that word “disposal” is problematic for me.

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