The song begins with an almost 1950’s/60’s pop song feel, but then the soft, smooth voice of Erkin Koray comes in. Only his lo-fi reverb guitar and the bass accompanying him before the drums kick in at full speed.
Although I don’t understand anything that is being sung, it won’t stop me from singing along… especially at full volume while I drive down a highway.

Together with the band “ Yeraltı Dörtlüsü”, a name which translates into “Underground Quartet”, founded in 1969, he [Erkin Koray] became a pioneer of the underground music movement in Turkey. By the early 1970s, Koray had gained quite an extensive audience in Turkey and his distinctive music line had become crystal clear. Koray, who founded the bands “Erkin Koray Süper Grup” in 1971 and “Ter” in 1972, wrote many pieces which ended up on top of Turkey’s music chart lists between 1970 and 1974. “İlahi Morluk”, “Aşka İnanmıyorum”, “Mesafeler”, “Züleyha”, “Silinmeyen Hatıralar”, 1974’s “Şaşkın” and “Fesuphanallah” are among the works from this period.

Erkin Koray, resembling an innovative, synthesizing and experimental music line; extraordinary lyrics, distinctive vocal style, long hair, original attire – these are just a few of the many reasons why he was excluded by TRT, the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, which had been holding the broadcasting monopoly. Until recently, almost none of his works had been approved for publication by TRT. This situation continued until the eventual rise of private broadcasters in Turkey and has resulted in Koray having a limited audience.

Anatolian Rock Revival Project –
Bir bir sönerken ışıklar 
Geceyi hayaller sarar
Dolaşan gölgeler gibi
Büyür boşlukta rüyalar
Gün doğmuyor
Gün doğmuyor
Sesler çekilip gidiyor
Renkler gittikçe eriyor
Ümidim yıldızlar gibi
Bir yanıyor bir sönüyor
Gün doğmuyor
Gün doğmuyor
Birden iklimler değişse
Göklerden hayalin inse
Susuz ruhum bir çöl gibi
Kavuşsa maviliklere
Gün doğmuyor
Gün doğmuyor
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