The first time I remember seeing Angel Baby, I remember enjoying their show, but not being really gripped by it. But, the SECOND time I saw them was when I became a fan.

Live: 你往前面一直走 – Go forward

I’d gone to a music festival and was wandering around checking out the different stages, when I happened to walk into the beginning of a band’s set. The room was dark, lights flashed off a disco ball in the middle of a tall ceiling; the crowd was excited, moving and dancing along. I joined the crowd and had the best time!

When the music ended and the crowds began to disperse, I asked a passerby the name of the band. His response was (of course) Angel Baby. I thanked him and all I could think about as I wandered over to a different stage, was the show I’d just witnessed, hypnotic and psychedelic. I saw one of the band members later that night and couldn’t help myself but poke Leo to relay my message about how much I’d enjoyed their set. Fangirled.

I’ve watched them perform a few more times since then, and I’ve continued to enjoy all of their shows.

Angel Baby – Wabi Sabi (2018)

Angel Baby is what would be considered a supergroup, with most if not all of the members hailing or currently in different bands. Side-note and idea for a different future post: everyone’s connected somehow. This post called 樂團連連看:原來他們在一起?! shows how connected and interwoven a lot of Taiwanese musicians are, Angel Baby members included. Check it out and follow the lines.

Thanks to DJ Leorio for playing the top track.

More info:
Angel Baby (Bandcamp):
Angel Baby (SoundCloud):
Angel Baby (FB):樂團連連看:原來他們在一起?/扭耳仔/278459/飄下飄下飄到太平洋-angel-baby-來港演出前發表新曲-海狸

What other music does this remind you of?


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