I selected this album for a few reasons.

  1. I think that this particular channel seems to upload some great albums to explore and enjoy.
  2. The simple album art caught my attention.
  3. And, I was curious.

It opens with someone’s feet crunching on a gravely path. Music and birds mingle together and the person keeps walking until water is heard near by. Bird calls lead into a kind of bird and music call and response.

It wasn’t until I heard the second song that I wondered if this music hadn’t in fact been recorded right in the middle of the woods. I imagined someone lugging around their recording equipment and instruments, setting up camp near a stream and just accompanying the sounds of nature. I thought that would be such an awesome idea.

The middle of the second song, Makarora, grabbed my attention immediately and made my eyes glaze over while I mentally zoomed to some strange island. Bewitching.

Afterwards, I found out that, although the music in the album wasn’t recorded live and outside in nature, the “[m]usic [was] based off many field recordings taken from hikes around Central Otago Lakes in the South Island.”

Sidenote: I knew a few people who used to, and they may still, carry around small sound recorders to record their daily lives as well as special events and travels. Them doing this inspired me to record some days and events during my first time living abroad. I used a tiny MP3 player, the only thing I owned at the time that could record sound, to record the sounds of pots and pans clanging and ringing up and down the streets as people took to their balconies and the sidewalks to make as much noise as possible. And today I learned that this form of popular protest is called a cacerolazo.

More info:

YouTube Playlist [Full Album]: https://youtu.be/-jJQlIazCvw
YouTube Music [Full Album]: https://youtu.be/-jJQlIazCvw
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJRvKCHREDl0YzCrFSrTrQA

Bandcamp: https://haast-hawea.bandcamp.com/album/haast-h-wea


What other music does this remind you of?


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